Off The Road Again – From Indiana

We arrived in Elwood after an exhausting three and one half hours of driving – construction at the Ohio/Indiana line was a mess. We moved 2 miles in 45 minutes. Arrived at Mother’s and she was already in bed. The boys went to bed and I worked on Email for a while.

Saturday morning, after spending some time with Mother, I took off for the Indiana State Fair grounds to watch the Ball State Singers perform while Matthew and Jose spent the morning with Mother, Dena and the boys at the Glass Festival Parade. As I pulled into the State Fair grounds I was reminded of the Band Days of years past when Elwood participated in them. I can remember waking up before the sun rose, loading the buses and equiptment trucks and forming a caravan from Elwood to Indy. At the fair you would see a sea of yellow buses and trucks in the infield of the track. The music often seemed stifled in the stagnate, humid air, and we tried to keep the flying dust from messing up our uniforms. There was an excitement as you warmed up, lined up and then moved around the track… The sound of the thousands in the grandstand cheering and screaming… and then the announcer’s voice… what wonderful memories there are of those days.

I easily found the Marsh pavilion, filled with all the award winning veggies. And in the garden facade, was the very best of Indiana’s own homegrown talent… the Ball State Singers. I was quite pleased with last year’s ensemble, but I believe this year’s will be the best yet! Having only rehearsed two days, they put on four fifteen-minute shows that rocked! I could only pick out the newbies from their new faces – when they performed and then greeted the audience afterwards, they were as professional as though they had already been through a Spec week! Wow! What great things I know I will see and hear from the this group!That evening, Matt, Jose and I went to Jan Richard’s (Singers, 1964) pool club and enjoyed swimming, pizza and a volleyball tournament with the Singers. This era of Singers certainly has something more than what I experienced… they are a solid unit on and off stage. They genuinely seem to like one another and support one another. I am sure they have their moments, but they remain professional. Parents of these students should be so proud, and all us previous Singers should be as well. The evening ended with a beautiful Indiana sunset… as the red sun set behind the trees, the sky deepend to a beautiful blue, and the clouds streaked the sky with reds and whites. As Jan Richard said, “This is a good omen for a great year.” And I hope it will be!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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