Years ago, when I was starting preschool, I came home and said something about “Toosday.” My father, Danny Jolliff, said I should pronounce it with a “y” after the “T” – “Tyoosday.” He also instructed me to say “nyooz” for “news, and “dyoo” for “dew.” I was cautioned to go ahead and say, “doo” when I tried to say “Mountain Dyoo.”

I have only noticed a few in these many years who add that “y” sound to the start of the “oo” words. It’s easier, I think if one connects it to the way we say “few.”

Monday morning at The Park, a Volunteer asked when I was working next. I replied, “Tyoosday.”

“Oh! I love how you pronounced, Toosday. Now, say that again so I can repeat it.”

It was a simple exchange, but she loved it and I am certain she is practicing it.

Today I am at The Park for four hours and then home to teach from 4:00-11:00 PM. The rest of the week suddenly filled up unexpectedly but with some fun, interesting items.

Yesterday was a roller coaster of lethargy and elation, some of which I attribute to the end of the full moon cycle. The alternating skies of bright to dull gray didn’t ease my flip-flopping moods. Today is expected to be mostly cloudy and not rise above the current 54 degrees. Fall weather seems to have punched in on its seasonal time clock a bit early but it will be up to the 80s later this week.

It’s time to get my self ready for The Park.

Make it a great day!

PHOTO: The Sisters, Harrigan and Bailey

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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Benjamin Magnuson ~ Inductee into The Fairmont Performing Arts Hall of Fame

A former student, Benjamin Magnuson, will be inducted into The Kettering Fairmont Performing Arts of Fall this coming weekend during Fairmont’s homecoming celebration.

Congratulations, Benjamin!

Benjamin Magnuson’s website.

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MY DAY: Leaving Monday and heading into Tuesday…

It was a fantastic day.

I got to spend time at The Park with two wonderful volunteers, Charlotte and Mary Lou. Charlotte introduced me to the other two steamless engines from NCR (National Cash Register). Carillon Historical Park has the original Rubicon engine in the 1913 Dayton Flood exhibit. There were two other engines, South Park and Dayton. I love the new information.

We had guests from Missouri, Nevada, Wisconsin, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and Kansas visiting The Park. Such incredible folks to meet.

Many of the students are working on their fall musicals or prepping auditions for their fall musicals. Several students in a Cappella ensembles are getting ready for solo auditions and others are working diligently on technique and making great progress. The students in the western states who have their lessons via Zoom work extra hard since they’re not physically in the studio and I am proud of their efforts.

The day felt off on every count. I battled a sinus headache most of the day and brought up my room humidifiers when I returned home from The Park. By 7:00 PM we were seeing some brief rain showers, so I am sure that’s why my body and sinuses felt miserable. The day alternated between bright blue skies with large white clouds and then dark grey skies. It has a very fall-like feel in the air and it tends to bring me down a bit. I managed to squeeze in a nap before teaching which took off some of the edge.

It’s moving in at midnight and I am bushed. Time for sleep and snuggles from Bailey and Harrigan.

Photos of Chief and Erma.

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Monday morning

The world around The Haasienda is wet from last evening’s deluge that soaked us. It is 58 degrees at the moment, and we are only to climb to 69 for the entire day. The sky is still quite gray and uninviting as the school buses begin turning onto Rockhill Avenue to swing into the high school parking lot entrance a block west of here. The busy day is getting underway.

After my head hit the pillow last night, I don’t remember a thing following the moment of rejoicing to find some sleep. It was a good sleep and I only recall two nature breaks and winding my way back beneath the covers with Bailey and Harrigan securely situated.

Breakfast is done and it’s almost time to shower and dress for the day. Chief is poised on the deck, his favorite spot, and will remain until he hears my call to come back inside. He’s quickly obedient but always takes another look around the yard before entering. Chief is such a great pal.

Okay. On with my day! Make it a great day!

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MY DAY: Sunday is done, and the rest of the week begins

Sunday was a nice medium busy and relaxed day. By 10:00 AM I had decided to mow the yard. I began with the trimming in the front yard and just as I was ending that process the sprinkling began. I managed to get the trimmed debris blown away, but the yard remained unmown.

I completed laundry as well as washing throw rugs and towels. I read about The 1913 Dayton Flood and took a nap or two while listening to some documentaries throughout the afternoon.

4:00 PM began the series of lessons both in person and on Zoom for out-of-state students. Heavy rain showers visited The Miami Valley for several hours and one student said Shroyer Road looked like a river.

It’s now 11:45 PM and I am tuckered out. I have an early shift at The Park followed by teaching. I am ready for bed and about 6 1/2 hours of sleep.

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Cool Saturday

It’s 66 degrees and in 22 more degrees, we shall hit our high for the day.

I am treating myself to breakfast and will hopefully feel like mowing the yard. Later today, Laura and I agreed to go to dinner but no details. We’re pretty steady with tossing out ideas and just aiming in a direction.

Other than that, there’s not much else to report. I’ve read up on Queen Elizabeth’s passing and the impending details of her funeral. It should be quite impressive and the largest event, perhaps, of my lifetime. When Queen Victoria died in 1901, her son, Edward, was probably about the same age as Charles. Edward reigned for a decade and then his son, George, took over until 1936. William and George seem to be in the same box. It shall be interesting to see how all this could play out in history.

Okay, it is nearing time for No. 17 to arrive. Whatever your plans, make it a great day!

PHOTOS: Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V; Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III, Prince of Wales William

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: A dreary Sunday morning

The threat of rain has been upon us all morning yet there’s no rain in the forecast until evening. I barely finished trimming the front yard areas before the sprinkling began. I hurried the trimming along so I could at least blow the debris away. The yard will not get mowed until Thursday, but it doesn’t look overgrown now.

Yesterday I took myself to a breakfast buffet and returned home with aspirations of mowing the yard and getting tons of little things completed around the house. I napped, read some books on The 1913 Dayton Flood, napped, rose to feed the dogs, showered and dressed, went to dinner with Laura, and then went to Ollie’s near The Dayton Mall. I had a blast!

I hoped to research and read more, but I managed only an hour on the deck before returning inside where I climbed into bed.

A former student’s mom delivered a bag of vegetables the other day and I have added them to a base of some hot and sour soup, chopped sausage (not spicy), and more tomatoes. I need to complete laundry and then begin teaching from 4:00 PM until 11:30 PM.

And that my friends, will be my day! Make it a great day!

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: The end of an era

I was at The Park when a text message arrived from my son-in-law in London, England.

“It’s been confirmed by Buckingham Palace that Her Majesty has passed away.”

It was Homeschool Day at The Park and the first three hours had been insanely busy. It was the first time I had gotten to sit, with the exception of lunch out beneath the wisteria bows near the old Culps’ Cafe in the park. I took in the message for a moment before saying anything to Cindy, the Volunteer sitting with me at my station in The Atrium.

Within thirty minutes, staff members began sharing the news as they heard it.

When our World Book Encyclopedias arrived in 1969, my new access to the world and so many interesting things began. Aside from reading the sections about US Presidents, at age five I was enthralled with Queen Elizabeth’s chapter. The two photographs attached to this blog were mesmerizing. The bejeweled monarch posed with her crown, orb, and scepter, and the family photograph with Prince Edward in the pram and his parents and elder siblings looking on. I loved it because Prince Edward was only six months older than me. Like the Kennedy children, Caroline and John, whose younger brother, Patrick was just a year older than me, this age connection somehow brought the royal family into my personal world.

I knew this day would come. I assumed The Queen’s passing would be in my lifetime. I have always assumed that due to Prince Charles’ age, he would not serve very long and I might even get to see Prince William ascend the throne.

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, there is now King Charles III.

These next several days will be a flood of newsworthy events about the life of Queen Elizabeth as well as her state funeral preparations, and the funeral itself.

It’s nearly time to begin showering and dressing for the long day ahead of me. Lunch is prepped and ready to be packed as it nears time to grab the bus. The school buses are entering the parking lot and teachers and staff and arriving. I hear cicadas tuning outside my window and the traffic on Shroyer Road is increasing as students arrive or are delivered to the high school’s campus. The temperature is mild and the high is expected to be around the lower 80s.

Family and friends have often said my stoic nature and oft-hidden emotions remind them of the British people’s “stiff upper lip.” While I do mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth, there is much to be done in my own little world and my stiff upper lip will be in place while I make it a great day.

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Thursday – it feels way too early

I spent the first half of Wednesday at The Park and got to meet some super Guests from New Mexico, California, Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Indiana. I also got to spend time with another staff member, Jamie, who covered for a Volunteer in The Heritage Center, just off The Atrium. Jamie is exceptionally knowledgeable about John Henry Patterson, the founder of NCR, and gives tours at The Patterson Homestead which is operated by Carillon Historical Park. She’s always great fun to explore history with.

At home, after loving on four wonderful pooches, I took a sixty-minute nap before feeding the dogs and trotting off to dinner with Laura. We had a great chat and a super Mexican meal at La Pinata. My goal was to write from the deck; however, I made the mistake of crawling into bed with three new books and I was gone. I woke at 11:00 PM to let the dogs out to potty and I was back in bed and off to another dimension.

Yesterday, at The Park, I purchased three new reads, two of which are on The Dayton Flood. I now have IMAGES OF AMERICA: THE GREAT DAYTON FLOOD OF 1913 by Trudy E. Bell, THE FORGOTTEN: HIDDEN HEROES – DAYTON 1913 FLOOD by Johnnie L. Freeman. The third non-Dayton flood book is ON THIS DATE IN DAYTON’S HISTORY: “Remembering The Gem City One Day At A Time” by Carillon Historical Park’s own, Curt Dalton, a phenomenal historian, and author.

The temperature is now 55 degrees and is only expected to climb to a high of twenty more degrees by 5:00 PM. The sun is finally giving more glow to the neighborhood. We’re at that time of the year when I am waking to no sunlight.

It’s time to get ready so I can meet bus No. 17. My lunch is prepped and ready to go into the lunch bag for transporting to The Park for the entire day.

Make it a great day!

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Wednesday is here

It’s a grey morning but we are promised no rain. The high is only expected for the upper 70s and this all sounds good to me.

Last evening, two students with lessons back to back, moved a desk upstairs and brought down two chests. I had prefilled the drawers down in my bedroom so they would be ready to go once the chest frames were in place. It all moved smoothly and my bedroom was quickly pulled together. I am happy.

I have a shift at The Park and will hopefully catch up on some writing this evening.

Other than that, there’s little to report for this fine day.

Make it a great day!

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MY DAY: Labor Day is over…

At 9:15 AM, The Bane family, Angela, Tony, and Noah pulled into my driveway and after hugs, we moved along to Far Hills Avenue to stake our territory to watch the parade. Their older two children, Jacob, 22, and Ellie, 20,

This year’s theme was “The Dog Days of Summer” and I loved seeing all the dogs included in a variety of participants.

The weather held off beautifully and it was comfortable sitting in the shade. In the last twenty minutes of the parade, which ended around 11:45 AM, the humidity began to push through.

I was heartily greeted by The Quartet and after lunch and downloading my parade photos, I fell into my bed for a two-hour nap. The dogs were fed by 3:30 PM and I decided to stroll over to the Holiday at Home festival to get a Bart Masterson salmon sandwich. I ended up getting four hamburgers from the Miamisburg Hamburger Wagon which made me happy. After grabbing a lemon shakeup and some bags of kernel corn popcorn for Mama Kay and myself.

This was a nice, relaxing day. I got to see dear friends and spend our fourteenth year together for this parade.

The rain was forecast to begin around 2:00 PM but it held off until after 5:00 PM and the festival closed at 6:00 PM. I am so glad most of the festival was rescued from bad weather.

Due to a flight cancellation with students in

California, I am done a bit earlier, tonight.

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Monday… Cue Karen Carpenter… but wait! It’s Tuesday

It’s a rainy day and it’s a Monday, I mean, Tuesday. Karen Carpenter’s lyrics are with us this morning. But, to make it all the drearier feeling, we have thunder. It looks like this morning will be a complete washout until Noon.

There is really not much to report. I am getting ready to make room in my bedroom for two chests to be brought down from my former bedroom. Two male students are going to assist with moving my bedroom desk upstairs, making room for the one chest that was made by my great-grandfather, Virgil Barmes. The shelving unit I had used for all my summer shorts will be unloaded and another chest, also made by Grandpa Virgil, will slide into that spot.

The Quartet is already curious as to what is taking place in the bedroom.

At about 12:45 PM, I will head out to Taco Tuesday celebration with Mama Kay and the regulars.

That’s this morning’s report and I am back at the rearranging process.

Make it a great day!

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Labor Day Monday

The skies are grey and dark, and we’ve had rain throughout the night. It does not look like inviting parade weather but the forecast and radar show a nice break in the wet weather that may afford enough time to get the parade completed. I am afraid it may not be good for the ongoing festival at Lincoln Park.

At 9:30 AM, the Bane family will arrive for our annual parade gathering.

I begin teaching at 4:00 PM and will wrap up at 11:00 PM, tonight. Other than that, my Monday is pretty ordinary.

Make it a great day!

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MY DAY: Sunday is in the books

I was at The Park from 11:30 AM until 5:00 PM. My first students, both former students now in college who continue to study with me via Zoom, couldn’t be at their lessons so my teaching day commenced at 6:00 PM and finished at 11:30 PM.

Tomorrow, I will spend time with the Bane family for our annual Holiday At Home parade outing. I taught their two eldest children, each now in college. Ellie and Jacob also starred as the two de Beque children in my 2009 production, SOUTH PACIFIC. We began our parade adventures back in 2007. Their third child, Noah, is now in middle school.

Even though it’s a Monday holiday, I will still teach in the late afternoon and evening since students are usually back in town by then.

There were a number of Hoosier visitors to The Park. Two ladies had T-shirts on for Culver Military Academy in Indiana. I explained that I was a fellow Hoosier and that several of my high school and college friends had attended Culver. I tossed in that my directing mentor, Joshua Logan, had also attended Culver via way of his stepfather, Professor Noble.

“Yes! Joshua Logan was one of Broadway’s biggest and best. He co-wrote and directed SOUTH PACIFIC and then directed the movie, too,” said the one woman.

That warmed my heart. A lot.

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Sunday, wet and warm

Yesterday was a day filled with rain and I hated to see it happen during the antique fire apparatus event at The Park.

Since it was not Guest filled, I got to leave my full shift early. I did so and at 6:00 PM, Mama Kay and I went out for Mexican dinner.

Back at home, I snuggled on the floor with The Quartet and promptly fell asleep. I woke at 10:30 PM and climbed into bed. It’s a whole new world of body fatigue with the rainy weather.

Today, I am scheduled at The Park and will rush home to teach well into the evening.

This morning I woke to see The Seniors, Chief and Erma, snuggled together as they slept.

And with that, it is time to get ready for No. 17. Make it a great day!

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Saturday morning, September 3rd

It’s muggy and cloudy this morning, and I hope the weather clears up as it’s a big day at the park with antique fire engines. I am unfamiliar with this event, but I understand it has been quite popular in the past.

Yesterday was just one to relax with documentaries and reading. I did not touch research other than what happened across my daily scrolls.

I took dinner at my favorite Chinese buffet and returned home without anything exciting happening. By 8:00 PM, I had crashed. I don’t recall being tired from two complete days of resting and enjoying documentaries, but apparently, my body was thinking otherwise.

It is time to get ready for the day and to grab No. 17 downtown.

Make it a great day!

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DailyOM: Working with the power of The Universe

From DailyOM

Our essence is an expression of fulfillment, and the universe wants to satisfy our needs and desires.

The creative power of the universe is infinite. A single molecule’s destiny is as important as the consequences of the largest supernova. Human potential is subject to this power, but because we are sentient beings, each of us is permitted to choose whether we will struggle against it or work in tandem with it. When we give voice to our desires through focused meditation or solicit the help of spirit guides, we draw upon the universe’s creative power to achieve certain ends. However, because our words are not all the universe hears, the response we receive may surprise us. The discourse we establish through our appeals is a blend of speech, thought, intention, and subconscious reflection. When we ask the universe for something, the unspoken message is that what we want does not exist, and the universe accepts this as truth. Conversely, we manifest completeness through affirmations in which we declare our desires as if we have already obtained them.

When we affirm that we are fulfilled instead of articulating deficiencies, we are asserting that contentment is a natural and necessary element of human existence. Our essence is an expression of fulfillment—the universe wants to satisfy our needs and desires. When we describe our realities in positive terms, we are not denying the challenges inherent in existence. We choose not to focus on lack or dissatisfaction because we understand that the energy of our thoughts will determine the response we receive to our entreaties. Ask yourself how you would feel if your wishes were granted, and then allow yourself to internalize that emotional state. Try to create a picture of satisfaction so vivid that its reality is unquestionable and tell the universe that your vision is fact. At the close of your appeal, express your gratitude, as it is your acknowledgment of the truth of your fulfillment that will set the creative power of the universe into motion.

Working in perfect unison with the creative power of the universe will empower you to manifest spiritual realities in your material existence. As you affirm the beauty, peace, and goodness that already exist within in your life, your capacity to sense and understand their influence will become increasingly sophisticated. To meet your needs and achieve your desires, you need then only banish all thoughts of emptiness so that the energy of completeness can attract fullness into your being. 

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Thursday morning

Owing to a busier than usual Wednesday, I briefly chatted with Joshua and David at 7:15 AM, fed the dogs, and fell back to sleep, waking in the final 90-minute back-to-back episode of DENNIS, THE MENACE.

Last night’s event to celebrate the awesome Volunteers of Carillon Historical Park was held in the voluminous banquet hall at The Park. The turnout for the celebration was enormous and it was so wonderful to see these amazing folks all gathered in one area and at the same time. It was also nice to see so many of them in something other than our standard blue shirt. I was so grateful to be invited.

I was back at home by 8 PM and enjoyed the remainder of the evening on the deck.

I would love to spend as much time on the deck working but I am sure the mid-80s heat will drive me into my study where it is cooler.

This evening, Laura and I are headed to The Neon to THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING. The trailers look pretty cool.

I am including several photos from The Volunteer celebration last night. My favorite photograph is a selfie I took with Chuch Johnson who actually worked for Charles Kettering. Chuck is one of the greatest guys and I can never see enough of this gentleman.

Make it a great day!

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MY DAY: Thursday is through…

I can honestly say Thursday was a relaxing day filled with documentaries, research, and reading for fun. The dogs seemed content that I was home almost all day without interruption.

Laura and I went to see THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING at The Neon, and I really liked it. Actress Tilda Swinton did a remarkable job as did Idris Elba. After the movie, we went to Centerville to eat at Bubbakoos Burritos.

September 15th is the opening of SEE HOW THEY RUN at The Neon and it looks hilarious. The trailer had me in stitches.

Nothing is on the docket for tomorrow and my goal, with the exception of grabbing a few items from the grocery, is to spend it doing more reading, writing, and watching documentaries.

Erma has been quite attentive this evening, more so than usual, and has even given me a number of kisses which is rare coming from her.

The deck is so comfortable and I just do not want to head inside just yet. I may move on over to my chaise lounge and watch a few documentaries before sleep forces me into my bedroom.

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THE FAMILY ALBUM: John William Garrett Clary

On this date in 1897, John William Garrett Clary was born.

My great-grandfather was called by one of his two middle names, Garrett, and for nearly all his life by the nickname, Skinny.

Grandpa Garrett was a unique, hands-on great-grandfather who loved to tell stories and play practical jokes. However, the best practical jokes were the ones in which he was mostly the target. He was a damned good sport!

Garrett Clary scored a century of life and made the world all the more richer and fun.

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Wednesday is here…

I am on that balancing line of what is comfortable weather and what is not so comfortable. The 58-degree temperature is pushing it, but I would still rather spend it on the deck. The birds are sparse this morning, but a few are belching out a song. The school buses have just completed their deliveries and fewer staff and faculty doors are opening and closing.

I have resumed listening to my one podcast, “History That Doesn’t Suck” and I have missed it. The leading instructor’s voice is clear and delightful to the ear. Plus, his research is unquestioningly strong.

Tonight, I am excited to be joining the celebration of Carillon Historical Park’s Volunteers as a staff-member guest. These folks to be cheered for their fine efforts are some of the neatest individuals and I am excited to be a part of the cheering block.

Other than going through some purging of a few drawers of all four desks, and working on my one project, there’s not much more to report at this writing.

With this, I am off to make it a great day!

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MY DAY: Tuesday was too good

One bump but it was still a day to feel good about.

My sinus infection is much improved but it’s still lingering in some areas.

This morning, I got ready and walked to CVS in Oakwood, fifteen minutes away, to use their Amazon return for a blue tooth portable typing keyboard. At CVS, they informed me the items had to be fully prepared for shipping and that I would have to take it to the UPS store which was another five to ten minutes of walking. I hauled myself down to the opposite end of the business district and got the keyboard returned.

I moved southward again to Grieve Hardware where they sell sodas for $1.29. I chatted with the fellows there and then crossed the street to Subway where I joined Mama Kay and The After-Mass Performers to celebrate Joyce Ann’s 60th birthday. Joyce is Mama Kay’s niece.

Mama Kay, Ann, and I drove over to Calvary Cemetery to see the mausoleum of Roger Glass, a friend of Mama Kay’s who passed away. Mr. Glass, the son of Marion’s Pizza founder, was the current owner of Marion’s Pizza and a wonderful asset to the community. Outside the mausoleum was a pizza floral arrangement.

Back at home, I took a nap before teaching began at 3:30 PM. Now, at 11:15 PM, I am finished teaching until Sunday afternoon.

I am seated on the deck listening to THE JEFFERSONS as I type, with all the accompanying night sounds as I enjoy the cool, comfortable evening upon me.

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Whilst searching for another photo, I ran across this first photo I took of Bailey and Harrigan just after I placed them in the van near the birth home west of Mason and on LaSourdesville Road.

I placed them in the laundry basket and they whimpered for a while as I returned to my telephone call with Mother that Christmas night, 2013.

All of a sudden, the eight week old sisters had hushed and I thought they’d tired and fallen asleep. I flipped the overhead light on and peered over my shoulder and they were gone. I pulled the van over to the shoulder on I-75N and parked. I turned on all the lights and before rising to search for them, I looked down.

Bailey and Harrigan had crawled out of their non-bull rush basket and was sleeping contently next to my driver’s seat.

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Tuesday morning

Monday was just a washout for me. While my sinus infection finally began dwindling down to drainage the impending rain and difference in the barometric pressures brought on some incredible aches throughout the body but mostly in my legs. Being at home, the discomfort is magnified. It’s much easier at The Park because I am so drawn into my activities with The Guests or getting to know more about different Volunteers with whom I am working that I tend to forget the fire within my legs and feet.

But this is now Tuesday and dwelling on Monday is pointless. A new day, a new chapter.

I am sitting up in bed writing from my hospital table. The door is open to the deck so the dogs can come and go. The western sky is dark as incoming rain approaches and the air is heavy. Chief and Erma have assumed guardianship of the deck and backyard.

I do not return to The Park until Saturday, so after tomorrow’s teaching concludes, I have three days devoted to research and writing. While I am currently investing a good deal of time on the one project about The Barn Gang, I sorely miss my project on Boone Township that involves so many of my ancestors. I have not tried working on both simultaneously. I don’t know if it is possible for me to do so or even worth attempting it. I have successfully juggled and balanced many projects at the same time without missing a beat. However, a lot has changed in the past several years and I am somewhat hesitant to venture into the arena. I am sure my students, after hearing a prompt from me to “just do it,” would laugh at my dilemma.

Monday afternoon, I watched a great documentary, THE WHITE HOUSE REVEALED, narrated by Kettering’s own, Martin Sheen. I have seen this documentary several times. This viewing was more touching as it featured former White House Pastry Shop Chef Roland Mesnier who passed away a few days back. Mr. Mesnier had so much charm and humor and left a legacy of tasty offerings. I always loved his interviews and reminiscences of his time with our First Families. The documentary has so many wonderful accounts from former White House staff members. It’s so sweet.

It’s 7:30 AM and I am actually ahead of writing this blog entry. Let’s all make it a great day!

PHOTOS: White House Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier with President & First Lady, Jimmy & Roslynn Carter.

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MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Seasonal allergies blasting away

Wednesday evening, I was miserable with seasonal allergies and a sinus infection. I felt so bad that I made a morning appointment just so I could get some stronger meds, mostly amoxicillin, to combat the misery.

Thursday evening at 4:45 PM, I felt more myself and went to dinner with Mama Kay and Laura.

While I still have head congestion, some coughing, and a headache, the headache and fever are gone. I’ve not had a doozy of a sinus infection and seasonal allergies in several years. Quarantining seemed to put them at bay.

I slept a lot in the past two days. A lot. I think the stress from Erma was also getting to me. However, since Wednesday evening she has been much like her old self. I love having the old girl’s spirit and amusement filling The Haasienda once again. As I write this post, she’s in her usual spot waiting for the rest of the milk from my cereal bowl.

On with my day which will be a full one at The Park. I feel as though I could use another eight hours of sleep, but being at The Park enthuses me with tons of energy and I love greeting our Guests and getting to know the wonderful Volunteers, some of which have some remarkable ties themselves to Dayton’s rich history.

On with my day of packing lunch, showering and dressing, and heading across the street to the bus stop.

Make it a great day!

PHOTO: one of my favorite photos of Erma shortly after her August 18, 2018 arrival at The Haasienda.

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